Shadda Formwork Scaffolding started to write its history in 2016, operating as a one-man show, the business grew with demand and our family became bigger.By 2017 shadda started its technical office. Last but not least by 2018 we started our stockyard to support our clients with immediate delivery.


Three years ago, when shadda started, we decided to cooperate with our clients as partners not as supplier, we understand the power of cooperation and believe it is not only to supply our materials it is a full process to accomplish the project safely , economically with the shadda is supplying Formwork Scaffolding and technical solutions .
No matter the size of the project or the duration because we believe that the best way to take our deserving position in the market is to work side by side with our clients, Today shadda Formwork & Scaffolding remains a driven by its commitment to providing Cost and eco-effective formwork & scaffolding to make its growing list of clients trusting more to choose to work with us

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We’re Not Like The Other.. And Here’s Why

We guess you’ve heard this before, but it’s actually true. As we’ve already discussed in this Profile, our customers’ desire to save time and costs without effecting the quality compelled us to delve heavily into choosing suitable products for the demanding conditions and always developing new systems. We’ve found that the dominant factors that lead to customers choosing us over our Competition are “value for money”, quality workmanship and the eco-logic that underpins our product and service offering.

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Shadda Formwork&Scaffolding now operates with a team of experienced employees.


All certified to Work Safely at the high standards for which we are deeply ingrained as a part of our work culture

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Processes are now in place to enable supply all over state of Kuwait.

we maintain close relationships with our customers. A tight network of sales engineers, offices and warehouse locations guarantees efficient communication.